Chicago Bears Select Teven Jenkins No. 39 Overall in 2021 NFL Draft

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Jenkins is OSU’s highest draft pick in five years.

Congrats! Go tear up the league!

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Took a team long enough to draft him. Should’ve been a first rounder.

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He was also the first big 12 player.

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Hope all our guys get drafted ahead of the Goons. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

As a Chicago native and third generation of Bears fans and OSU grad, the Jenkins pick motivates me to start watching the Bears again since they might become pretty good again.
I disagree with the commentators on the draft from last night when they sort of slighted Jim McMahon for being the last decent QB for the Bears but their remarks sounded like he was not that great anyway. He was excellent for the Bears. The issue I have about McMahon is that he would not pass to Hart Lee Dykes from OSU very much. Hart Lee’s wife later said that Jim did not pass to her husband enough because he was afraid that Hart Lee would start looking more valuable to the team than McMahon. An ego thing.

10 recievers better then Wallace

Absolute bullshit. It’s borderline criminal he hasn’t been drafted yet.


Total FN GARBAGE Tylan wasn’t drafted in the first 3 rounds!!

So their say there r 15 better recievers.

Bullshit if I’ve ever seen it. Absolutely ridiculous. I hope Tylan rubs his dick all over the NFL this next season.

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His identical brother has bad knees and he’s already hurt his knee year before last and he plays in the big twelve is the biggest of the reasons and the next biggest is when it comes to picking players for the nfl they have to pick what everybody deems as a safe pick because if he doesn’t turn out they could get fired. Like a guy that is not as proven but his combine scores are really high that would be a safe pick for the pickers job. O yea and his offense he plays in also contributed to this as well. When all you run is a fly rout your way behind the 8 ball for the nfl. He’ll be a stud anyway if healthy.

If they get drafted at all, it’s pretty good since they played on a team that never made it to a conference championship game.

Have to disagree. Talent is talent, regardless of a team’s finish in conference. The GOAT went #3 to Detroit in ‘89, and he never won a Big 8 trophy. Cade will still go #1, even though Pokes finished 4th I think. I understand and agree with most of your frustration with Gundy and the stagnancy of the program, but I do think sometimes you’re reaching.

I always felt sorry for Barry, never played for a good coach and never won anything but the Heisman.

He was found by osu. Barry doesn’t see it that way. So ur on ur own like usall. Aro u really are mad at good things happening. I see ou final got a couple of draft pics. All those 5 stars going to :canada: sad.

Heck I hope OU players can’t even play in Canada.

Why don’t you go to Canada and watch Corndog.

That would be awesome.