Chuba and the car dealership?

Anyone have any additional information on what was posted at The Oklahoman between Chuba and the Edmonton car dealership?

I see the compliance department is looking into it. I could see the NCAA having a hissy fit.

Because of course.

This would be so incredibly OSU : He announces he’s coming back.

Violation occurs which suspends him until after the OU game.

Then in 2021 the rule he broke isn’t an offense anymore.


“While the NCAA is moving toward a rules overhaul that will give student-athletes the opportunity to have more control of, and profit from, the use of of their name, image and likeness, those changes do not go into effect until 2021.”


If I were Chuba, I’d be asking for the probability a suspension would occur - if it is too high for my liking, I’m changing course and entering the draft by the deadline on Friday. Love my team and want to stay but the NCAA is a joke.


I know your real name, HAHAHAHA…

Sorry, off topic, lol.

As long as OSU is open about what he did, I don’t think anything happens.

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I hope it is :
Chuba, at home, bored : ‘I’ve always wanted to ride one of these, let’s go test drive one.’
Sales Guy : ‘Sure let’s go test dr…hey aren’t you Chuba Hubbard?’
Chuba : ‘Yup’
Sales Guy : ‘Can I take your pic next to the car? My boss will love this!’
Chuba : ‘NP man’
Social Media : Happens.

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