Chuba Hubbard Day

Might as well get this party started early. Happy Chuba Hubbard Day everyone! If everything goes as planned, OSU will return it’s third (second :thinking:) best RB of all time. If we get the Canadian Rocket back it could be a season of trophies in Stillwater, both individual and team.

So with that, let me hear your best “O Canada“ and wave those flags in support of Canada’s Cowboy.


Also just to clarify, I don’t have any #sauces. I’m just going off of what we have all read the last few days. If the PFB guys want to start an official thread that’s fine, I thought I would just get it going early.

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:canada: :canada: :canada: :canada: :canada: :canada: :canada: :canada:

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Was at the store last night thinking about the new OSU holiday that was to be coming today, and snapped this pic just because I saw the maple leaf. You creating the thread… a perfect place for it.

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On Chuba Day the weather is supposed to go from 60’s to 20’s in hours in OK. Oklahoma catering to Chuba and his Canadian weather :joy:


And a 'nader warning to boot!

I wish I had slept later today. How can it only be 11am?!?!

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Does anyone know timing?

Sometime in the next 12 1/2 hours


Randomly woke up at 0345 this morning. Thinking of the geopolitical quagmire in the Middle East and deployment of me or my Airmen? Nope. Thinking of my son who will be born in a few weeks, named for an OSU classmate who lost his life in Iraq? No. Thinking about Chuba? Yes, I was thinking about Chuba. :canada:


See…I don’t want to derail the thread, because I’m anticipating El Chubacabra’s return…

…but TheMasterChimp may be on their way…


I figured the news would drop while I was lunch. Nothing yet…

Jeopardy music plays.


Who TF?


Holy cow! I haven’t heard his name in years.

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So it looks like OCKD.

30 is in that huddle, yes?