Chuba Hubbard Gathers All-American Honors Across the Board

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Chuba is OSU’s sixth running back to become a consensus All-American.

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I still can’t figure out why Quinn Sharp is not still making millions kicking in the NFL? I don’t ever remember him really even getting much of a look! What, I think he was with the Bengals originally? Astonishing


You forgot the Walter Camp Football Foundation. Chuba made first team there.

That is an impressive number of AA from 2008-2013 (17) in a 5 year span. Definitely the Golden Age of Cowboy football. Looks like 83-88 would have been the previous best era 5 year span.

Consensus All-Americans

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Rk Player Pos Count Yrs

1 James Washington WR 1 2017
2 Justin Gilbert DB 1 2013
3 Justin Blackmon WR 2 2010, 2011
4 Levy Adcock OL 1 2011
5 Kendall Hunter RB 1 2010
6 Russell Okung OL 1 2009
7 Dez Bryant WR 1 2008
8 Rashaun Woods WR 1 2002
9 Alonzo Mayes TE 1 1997
10 Hart Lee Dykes WR 1 1988
11 Barry Sanders RB 1 1988
12 Leslie Oneal DL 1 1985
13 Thurman Thomas RB 1 1985
14 Rod Brown DB 1 1984
15 Terry Miller RB 1 1977
16 Derrel Gofourth OL 1 1976
17 John Ward OL 1 1969
18 Bob Fenimore B 1 1945

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Hear, hear. I thought Sharp was a CAN’T MISS kind of talent. If not kicker then certainly punter. He was with Cincy and didn’t beat out their returning guy, I wanna say he was from Oregon or Oregon State. He tried out with another NFL club, didn’t make it then went to Canada where he kicked for maybe half a season.

I really think, as with a lot of sports, it’s which team selects you and who their coaching staff is and for skill guys what offense they run. I’m a Steelers fan but they’re making me sick how they did Mason Rudolph. They were running a VERY conservative offense in that Browns game, run twice then pass on 3rd and long, making it difficult for any QB. But getting off the point with Sharp. I think he goes to the right team and situation his career is as good as Dan Bailey’s because to me, and no slight to Dan who is really good, Sharp was better.

RE Chuba, well deserved. Great kid, great ambassador for oSu, amazing talent. I hope he comes back for one more and if he does, he needs to get an insurance policy just in case!