Chuba Hubbard Intending on Playing Texas Bowl Against Texas A&M

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As for that redshirt junior year …


It seems as if you try to push people out of OSU. I know you don’t try to do this but almost negative recruit against us to some degree. I mean good analysis is one thing but it’s not as if Taylor didn’t come back to Wisonsin after rushing for 2,000 yards and starting for 3 years. Yes Chuba is a rs sophomore and eligible for the NFL draft. He may leave to to the NFL but it wouldn’t be unprecedented for him to return to to OSU.


I imagine the 2,000 yard mark played a big role in the decision. I know that prospect would be hard for me to pass up. I won’t ignorantly guess at draft prospects and such, but barring injury it probably can’t hurt, right?

Bottom line: Yay for us as fans. Sadness from the wife who will have to endure hearing me scream “Go Chuba Go!” at the TV at least one more afternoon.

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That’s great! My family gives me a hard time for, “Choooooob!!!” over and over on Saturdays!

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“They only allowed three teams to rush for 5 or more yards against them this season.”

Say what?

Maybe you meant: “They only allowed three teams to average 5 or more yards per carry against them this season.”?

My daughter asks me, "what is a Choooooo-Baaaaaaaah and why do you always yell that? ".


150 puts Chuba at 19th ALL TIME. 200 would put him at 13th. Just 100 yards gets him to 24.

As much as I would love for him to come back and us wreck the record books, I think it would be best for him to leave and get paid.