Chuba Hubbard Talks About Starting Nonprofit Called 'Your Life, Your Choice'

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A powerful message and a powerful show of leadership from No. 30

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Way better PR than a Heisman campaign

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Such a good kid. Best wishes for his NPO!

Your life, your choice…unless you wear a t-shirt that chubby doesn’t like.


Sounds like a great idea! Hubbard should consider working with the YMCA across the country. He doesn’t need a brick and mortar building to start. All he needs is to brainstorm ideas, figure out a system, find volunteers to donate their time, and use his platform to get professional athletes on board to help with the financing to get money back into black neighborhoods and communities.

That contradicts his actions

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Yah, he should stay the heck away from politics, unless he’s well versed in the topic at hand!