Chuba Teases Big Announcement: 'Everything is About to Change'

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What’s going on here?

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Please no please no please no please no please no please no please no please no please no

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I still think it might be something as simple as changing his jersey number to zero.

If I was a betting man I would say it is this, considering the naming is the same:

Chuba Hubbard hopes to make the NFL in order to give back to kids who grew up in poverty like him

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Chuba Hubbard

Chuba Hubbard , The Canadian Press

Canada’s Cowboy has been a delight in college football this season. Oklahoma State running back and Edmonton native Chuba Hubbard has won all kinds of fans over this season, including Wayne Gretzky himself. Whenever he decides to declare, the NFL will likely be the next stop in his football career.

Having experienced poverty in his childhood, Hubbard is looking forward to his NFL payday — so he can give it back.

“I want to help kids get out of a negative environment and put them in a positive one, teaching them life skills and leadership skills,” Hubbard told Bleacher Report. “Another aspect is just helping families living in poverty, helping them out with food and clothes. Just trying to bring happiness to people.”

Hubbard is launching a nonprofit organization — Your Life, Your Choice — to support children who grew up in circumstances like his own. It would be an admirable cause for anybody, much less a 20-year-old who has yet to receive his first pro deal in football.


You made me feel much better

How about something as simple as he’s getting married?

Congrats @kyleboone. You wrote about something while telling us nothing. You are really finding yourself as an author. Keep up the great work of building your brand. Whatever his post means, I’m sure you can write an article on how he did it incorrectly, like Gundy’s apology. I mean, his apology was still not sincere. You should ride that story and keep going.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t make since with the timing. Weird!

I hope this is it, and if it is, he just raised his draft stock. Big sign of personal maturity which is sometimes an issue with some of these uber-talented players.

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My mind went to him playing football in Canada for a year then entering draft Next year. Kind of an NBA style route. That would certainly change everything for college football players and Canadian football. I know this wouldn’t work but I’m doomsday prepping here.

I think he will announce a foundation to aid children in Canada. A very positive well supported campaign will lead to Chuba utilizing his Canadian popularity in a very positive manner. This might be an excellent way to kick-off a Heisman campaign as well.

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Everything is about to change.
The word everything is what causes alarm.
Creating a charity does not result in everything changing.
I am guessing that spending time with Justice Hill of the NFL just might have changed career plans.

I don’t have twitter, so I usually enjoy these articles. Didn’t Spencer Sanders tweet directly at @kyleporterCBS recently?

Can we get a full article breakdown on that?

Going to be a great ambassador for the alma mater, whatever he does! Can we get a couple more Canadian kids like him and, can i get an, Amen? :smiley:

Yes he did. He told Kyle he talks too much, or as I took it, he told Kyle to shut the hell up. It was fantastic!


Was great.

@kyleporterCBS been real quiet ever since :eyes:

What have I been quiet about?

I’m pretty sure it’s that coach grungy has flipped five 5 :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: guys and 10 are coming with them!!!