Chuba to take the “GOAT” label of Gundy era RBs?

I don’t think it’s talked about enough, but Chuba if he decides to return for another year (or 2?) could very well be the best RB Gundy has ever coached. Obviously Barry is the all time Goat, but if he does return m, does anyone believe he could become the #2 all time?! Let’s hear it, what say you?

Yes, he could. Will be hard to get the #2 position since Thurman’s pro career was so spectacular as well. But it is possible.

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Still Spud for me but likely going to be Chuba.

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Who would you say is currently #1? I’m going with Kendall Hunter.

Chuba listed as 1st team Mid season All-American. Tylan was left off both list for some reason? They also bumped CeeDee to 6th in the heisman voting. That’s insane to me. Chuba isn’t in the top 6 as the clear and away leading rusher in the nation. Helmet sticker bias is alive and well.

While I think Chuba may have the most professional potential and best single season my vote would be Joseph Randle. I know that his struggles after leaving oSu impact some people’s views. My vote is solely related to his time at oSu. He was able to impact the program his freshman year and keep Hunter fresh. He rushed for over 1,000 yard his next two years, and most importantly caught 108 passes in three years for 8.5 yards per catch. Remember when oSu used to pass the ball to players other than WR? He was also effective as a blocker. When I think GOAT I think of impact. Dez may be the best pro WR so far, but IMO Blackmon and Washington had a bigger impact for oSu. If Chuba stays another year then I think my opinion could change.

Randle’s oSu Resume
Randle accepted a football scholarship from Oklahoma State University.
As a freshman in 2010, he was a backup behind Kendall Hunter, making 82 carries for 452 yards, 2 rushing touchdowns, 37 receptions (fourth on the team) for 427 yards (fourth on the team) and one receiving touchdown.

As a sophomore in 2011, he was named the regular starter at running back, he had 208 carries for 1,216 yards, 24 rushing touchdowns, 43 receptions (fourth on the team) for 266 yards, 2 receiving touchdowns and was named All-Big 12.[4] The 24 rushing touchdowns were second most in school history, behind College Football Hall of Famer Barry Sanders who had 37 in 1989. He rushed for 152 yards and 4 touchdowns against Baylor University.

As a junior in 2012, he was the Big-12 Conference’s leading rusher with 1,417 yards, scored 14 touchdowns and earned first-team All-conference honors. He declared for the NFL Draft after the season.

Chuba returning for two more years would be a dream. I wouldn’t even know what to do if he returned for one more. I’d be less surprised if Cade came and stayed for two than if Chuba was in the backfield to start the 2021 season!

This is shocking to me. That’s a testament to your confidence tho, and I can respect that fully. I think outside things could convince Chuba to stay longer than you think. Just a hunch. We’ll see.

I mean, if Spencer can show potential to take the team to new heights, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chuba stays, especially if some of the younger receivers come along.

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Depending on how this year plays out, Chuba staying another year could legitimately put him in the “#2 position” in all-time great OSU running backs (#ThurmanatorAlert). That’s a lot for me to say. I was at OSU for all of Thurman’s years and loved watching him in Stillwater and with the Bills.

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