Cisse 'Moving Better,' Availability Still in Question Heading into Bedlam

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The Cowboys are 1-1 in Big 12 games Cisse has played in and 0-3 without him.

That sound that were missing cissy. We are 0 and 4 against ranked teams. Were 0 and 3 on the road.

We need to win this game at home in bedlam.

I do have a question injuries dnt matter for gundy and football, But do for basketball?

I do hope he is back in a week

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Yea . I don’t understand the brew ha ha with Cisse injured and 12 of 22 injured in football :roll_eyes:
Maybe more is expected right :wink:. It was the coaches fault on Gundy

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There is a rumor sanders has transcript issues with auburn. Guy should have graduated so as not to have those issue. He mite have to try and go pro.

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He’s had time to right his chit right. . But wouldn’t mind him coming back. He could help us next year. It maybe his only choice, if Gundy lets him on a short leach… I imagine he quit going to school. Hell it would have to be his graduate

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Cisse needs to be back on the court tonight, lestwise he becomes Sissy.