CJ Tate Stands Out in Oklahoma State's Spring Finale

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Tate caught a touchdown Saturday.

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With all this talent on the receiving corps next I sure hope we are prepared to throw a lot. I like the run game too but in case our running backs struggle a bit or the o’line has issues I hope we are prepared for uptempo with some air raid or rpo. I remember one game with Tech, Tech had 16 wide receivers with catches. I don’t like how under Leach they didn’t use the run game much but we are super talented on the receiving corps not to more than 50 percent during game. Even with a good in shape defense like us we don’t have to wear our defense out with up tempo, it doesn’t have to be used every drive we get. Excited for next season.

Nice story. Best wishes to CJ, hope he gets some PT and make some plays like he did on the TD reception. Nice pass by Rangel!


My common sense tells me that what kind of offense we use will be determined by how the O line plays.
I think we’re all concerned about the injuries there and lack of depth.
Central Michigan is a good team to the start the season against. Not a terrible team. They have been really good only when they had excellent coaches such as Brian Kelly and the guy who came either before or after him. Both were then hired by Cincinatti and made a name for themselves. Since then, coaching has been downhill. But with receivers we have it will be a shame if we don’t pass the ball a lot more, and we need to use crossing routes. Not just long ball down the right hand side of the field. Red zone offense also needs to really improve. Baylor game really showed how poor we were there. Up to you Kasey Dunn.