Clemson-LSU Title Game Thread

Pumped about tonight. As Matt Leinart noted recently: The No. 1 pick in the 2020 Draft and the No. 1 pick in the 2021 Draft. How often has that happened?

Want Clemson, think LSU. Hope it’s a classic.


Definitely want Clemson to win. I hope their defense shows up.

#1 defense defeats #1 offense 100% of the time.

Still hope LSU wins though. I love Coach O and Joe Burrow. I love LSU fans. I love south Louisiana. I love etouffee.


I’ve seen Clemson and Dabo win titles. I want LSU

I have family connections to LSU. My parents moved to Baton Rouge in the late 1980’s from Stillwater. Dad had several colleagues there who convinced him to take an administrator job at LSU. He eventually retired there while my Mom fell in love with Tiger football. They had season tickets and I have been to several games at Tiger Stadium (where I always wore orange and proudly wore my OSU hat-- always received a few comments for giving them Les Miles and all that).
So I guess this is the extremely long way to say I hope the Tigers win tonight. LSU, that is.

This is a rare game in sports where I’ll be happy with whichever team wins. Usually, it’s either I badly want one team to win or I want both to lose somehow.


And Corn and Crab Bisque

And boudin.


I think it’ll come down to the better QB, and to me that’s Joe Burrow.

I’m pulling for Clemson, for this reason only:


That is a good reason…

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LSU by two touchdowns tonight. Get Clemson down early and finish what Ohio State couldn’t.

Yeah, I’m fine with either. I prefer Clemson, but LSU winning wouldn’t be disappointing.

I just like not hating the fact that the game is being played (e.g. Patriots/Eagles Super Bowl).

For some reason (I truly have no idea why) I have always loved LSU. Never had any intentions of going to school there, just like the school. Love the state, the culture, and especially the food. Also a big fan of their Zydeco music. So… Even though I would love to see Clemson take down OU’s record I am pulling for the Purple and Gold Tigers this year.

You like zydeco…? :nauseated_face:

I’m for Clemson. Family ties. A relative of mine was the 2nd student ever enrolled at Clemson in the late 19th century! (Family story believed to be true). As for current links - I just like Dabo and love Clemson crashing the blue blood party and actually becoming what I call a “new blue blood”. That’s not easy to do.

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Four words. Joe Burrow. Go Tiguhs.

Edit: if you aren’t following @JoeyMulinaro on twitter you’re missing out. He does a lights out Saban and Orgeron impression. His Osteen and some others are pretty funny too, his Gundy was a miss IMO.


Geux Tigers.

Dam right I do.