Coaching Lost this Game

Mike Gundy and our OC lost is this game. I can’t believe how terrible that fake field goal was. The red zone offense is still terrible. Nothing has changed. The players played great. I was impressed by Spencer Sanders. Gundy needs to look in the mirror and take the blame from this winnable game


Two FGs and it’s tied. Players didn’t call those plays. Time to step it up, coaches.

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Tough hard fought game. Hindsight is 20/20. What if we score on the 4th down try, is it an amazing call then?

It was 23 to 28 those 2 FGs gave us the lead by 1.

Such a frustrating game to watch late 3rd early 4th.

I’m assuming Texas still goes for two and it’s a tie at 36 at the end.

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Totally understand going for it on 4th and 1 on the goal line. The fake kick was awful. Why take the delay of game penalty and use a cage fg. If you want to go for it there keep the offense on the field and use your best players. Gundy made a stupid decision and has to own up to it.

The delay of game and still going for it was not a good look at all, especially with the execution. But blaming the loss on going for it inside the 5 on 4th and 1 did not lose us the game. In hindsight yes, it would have been more advantageous, but no way to know that at the time.

The fake kick had next to nothing to do with this loss. It was stupid, but it didn’t have an impact. Why is no one talking about the phantom replay review that happened at the 3 yard line? Sanders clear as day got the first down and OSU would have had 4 cracks at a TD inside the 3. That BS call changed the game dramatically.


Agreed… That replay was terrible.

The fake kick had everything to do with the loss. We make a dumb decision instead of using our offense to go for it on 4th and 1 we use a fake field goal. We then proceed to take the delay of game to make it 4th and 6 and still try the fake. Texas immediately drives down the field and scores a TD and makes it 36-23 which was the winning TD. So yes the fake FG had everything to do with the loss

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Idk if you noticed but OSU wasn’t having a lot of success in short yardage situations. It’s short sighted to say that cost them the game. It didn’t. Getting whipped on the LOS and the defense being only slightly more resistant than tissue paper was a bigger issue.

Idk if you noticed that it was in fact a big difference. You’re point about not having success in short yardage situations is right but how does that explain taking the delay of game and still going for it on 4th and 6? It’s not short sighted because it was the defining play in the game. They score and go up 2 scores which was insurmountable.

On that goal line fourth down, Chuba had a massive cutback lane to the left. The turf monster just got him. That’s a TD 97 times out of 100.

Our missed opportunities are obscuring the fact that if Texas doesn’t gift us with two unforced errors on punts, we lose by 17 or 21 or something, and everybody sees this game for what it was: one that was lost at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.

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Individual plays don’t win or lose games, my man. If OSU gets a stop, it doesn’t matter. There was also still a ton of time left. The offense also had multiple drives after going down 2 scores and had to punt. The right play after the delay would have been to just kick it, but again, even if he would have made it, it doesn’t impact the outcome.

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Seems to me their defensive line dominated our offensive line and that was why we lost. If our line had just achieved a standoff with the Chuba would have had way more yards and our offense would have score another 20+ points.



A 3 man pass rush doesnt work and the O line play was terrible. The OC and DC lost this game by not making adjustments. Running up the middle didnt work but they kept trying anyway. Gonna be a long season !