College GameDay Snubs Bedlam, Will Head to Ann Arbor Instead

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The GameDay crew will instead cover Ohio State for consecutive weeks.

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With ESecPN going to cover Big 10 games B2B it makes me wonder if the snub is to keep the spotlight off of the Big12? Do they have a vested interest in keeping Georgia and Alabama in the top four? You bet they do. Is the Big 10 under contract with ESecPN?

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Pretty sure Big 10 doesn’t have an ESPN contract. I don’t know why they’re going there considering Big Noon Kickoff is there. It’s whatever though. Let them not pay attention probably better for us anyways.

It’s just the start .

The decision was made after the Iowa state game(Or before) . OSU can win out but won’t get into the playoff . We can be champs and Houston can take cincy down too but we won’t get in .
To quote Carlin “it’s a big club and you ain’t in it”


All we need to do is kick the door down. But then we have the committee snub.


Of what ? I hope I’m wrong . I’d be happy eating that crow .

Not surprised one bit. To hell with them. Just take care of business Saturday. That’s all I care about.

My guess is this:

  1. ESPN loves the Big 10 (obviously). So that’s why they won’t be at this one.

  2. Two higher ranked teams facing each other.

  3. They are probably tired of going to Stillwater and watching OU roll has they always seem to do.

  4. They probably think Michigan has a better of winning than Ok St does.

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ESPN and ESPN plus articles are already putting Michigan, Notre Dame, or a 2-loss Alabama ahead of OkState even if we win out. Follow the money. They think SEC and Big10 will get more views, and they are unfortunately right. And there is also politics to downplay OkState to steer the committee to Big10 or SEC CFP picks. As Herb Brooks said to his underdog USA hockey team in the Miracle, “Screw 'em. This is YOUR time. Now go out there and take it!”

Pretty much

Do your best Pokes not to prove GameDay correct. Take care of business Saturday.

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I was referring to the committee being scared as we might prove them wrong.

Ahhhhh I see . They get paid to be wrong .