Collin Clay update

Heard from multiple sources within the last week telling me that Collin Clay, the 2019 DE from Oklahoma who signed with Arkansas and entered the transfer portal earlier this month, is transferring to Oklahoma State. Nothing official yet, but it sounds like Clay is on the verge of — if not already — becoming a Cowboy.

Interesting thing to watch here will be if OSU can get him a waiver to play right away. Arkansas fired its coach and returning closer to home are two easy sells to the NCAA in most cases. Either way, getting Clay would be huge.


This would be awesome. Give me some Ford and Clay disruption.


Add Antwine to that mix as well. Could make for a great young core. L

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Can we not have Antwine, and Clay (should he come) be our poster children for why you should stay home ? Their stories are nearly identical . You don’t know who will be the coach of Colorado, Arkansas, Mizz, Texas, TT etc for the duration of your college career but who has been the coach at OSU since you first picked up the pig skin?

Hope Clay plays for us, GO POKES


Clay won’t be much of a disrupter, at least off of the edge. Would be a good rotation guy who can help against the run. Would likely play inside, he is a big kid, could easily bulk up to around 300 lbs with his frame.

All depends on if he’s actually a player. Depth is good. Quality players are better.

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I know Arkansas was absolutely dreadful this year, but he was a pretty established guy in their D line rotation and played quite a lot for them. I asked some Arkansas fans I know about him and they were all definitely upset to see him leave because they thought he had a ton of potential.

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Have some family who are active alum and they said the same thing.

Hope he can get the waiver

He’s already signed.


Was this your news, or is there more to come? :crossed_fingers:

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I remember you saying something like that already…


I could have swore he was DE. We need DTs too so that’s fine.

No. I posted this a week ago about Clay. Mine is different.


He is, and he can play some outside here in our 3 down look, but he isn’t much of a pass rusher. He played at 6-3 and 285 lbs as a true freshman. He will struggle to maintain that weight, he is built like a Mack truck. I think he will end up helping

…inside in our 4 down look against the run and provide a push in the middle

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I don’t mind Mack trucks at all when we’re talking about OSU’s lines.

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OMG! This is awesome! Such an unexpected addition. Wha hoo!


Even though we knew it was coming, it’s still awesome news.


Was that sarcasm? :wink: