Combine or Not, Tylan Wallace Has Shown NFL Teams Enough

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“He’s gonna play for a long time and make somebody ■■■■ happy.”

Wallace is the best receiver in his draft class if you look at on field production. Other guys might be bigger and faster, but none of the other guys are as consistent and tough as Tylan! I’m looking forward to watching Tylan in the NFL.


I don’t think Tylan is the top receiver in the draft. I do think he is very much under rated and will make it on the field in his first year in the NFL. I too look forward to see him playing at the next level.

Leaving speed out of the equation (and he has speed) and a very few that might run slightly crisper routes (usually they are the 5’9” WRs), name one top WR in the draft that can do one thing better than him. He is the best all-around WR in the draft. His knee is his only question mark.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go to Cleveland in the second or third round.

If he goes to Cleveland, I will be violently ill!