Conference Call: OU, Texas Thriller, Iowa State Rolling after Early Loss

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The Red River Showdown was ugly and great at the same time.

So the outcome of the RRR was the best possible scenario for OSU, right? The loss puts both the Gooners and Shorthorns 2 games behind OSU, whereas if Texas won they would only be 1 game behind. Anyone else seeing it the same way?

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I’m not sure if ugly and great can be interchangeable. Ou lost another 4th qrt lead. I’m still glad we don’t have yurich. Iowa state looking good. Ksu just won. It’s all ugly. At least 4 backup qb played. Bad play by most the qb. Or do we call that great defense. Speaking of great defense’s ou and Texas gave up over 30 pts.

U r maybe rite, but ou would have had 3 losses lol.

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Yeah I know… that’s what my heart was rooting for. But logic told me we may want both teams equally as behind OSU since we haven’t played either yet.

It would have been nice for outo have 3 lose . It would have keep texas ranked if we plan to go 11 -0 it be nice if we beat someone.

On the flip side, the more they lose the weaker the conference looks so if it comes down to an undefeated OSU and a one loss SEC for the last playoff spot a very weak Big 12 conference might be just enough to push OSU out of the playoffs

Yeah I know that’s why if ou losses another no big deal , texas would still have been ranked. We would have had 4.