Could Oklahoma State Swap its Pac-12 Game for Michigan or Alabama?

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How good would this Week 1 swap be?

So, we can schedule an Alabama or Michigan and actually play the game within 4 months, but can’t figure out how to schedule another non-conference game within 10 years?

What do you mean? The reason we do that in football is because all the dates are already scheduled.


hell, we might score on either Ala. or Mich. Win? Please…

I too would pick Michigan.
I also saw Washington State and Utah State are scheduled on 9/3. Utah State is probably better than Oregon State. (side note: Utah State has Washington St, Washington and San Diego State their first five games. And Fresno State later. All of them could end up cancelled)

Wondering how the money will shake out…idk if we will pay a fcs school to come take an L and a neutral field game (with no fans) would cost more. If we could get out of the osu contract and rework a home and home. That might be the only way

We all know out of these choices we will end up playing CSU if Gundy has anything to say about it.

Hopefully Michigan.

Alabama all the way!!! That’s called big boy football but I don’t think coach Grungy is ready to play big boy football like our rivals do every year. We won’t be in a better spot to play a high quality team like we are this year. Grow some peaches coach

Would love to see Chuba run for 200 yards on nick satan!!!

As cool as it would be playing Michigan in BPS, if fans aren’t allowed then I’d rather play a weaker opponent. If fans can make it, I’m all in. But give me Utah State or BYU for a decent opponent and a better chance of starting 1-0.

I would love to see this kind of thing happen if Oregon State is not ready to go at the end of August, but I wonder if someone like Michigan or Alabama actually would agree to play in Stillwater. I could see them hold out and demand that we come play at their place.