Could OSU be Landing Spot for Four-star Tamar Bates?

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The four-star backed off his Texas commitment this week.

Well im sure were still not in. Really was a bad video or not that great player. Sure made 4 shots. But a open three dribbling was scary.

He would be a late steal but sounds more like wishful thinking than him actually landing here

Tell us more coach. Kid is top 60 player national wanted by KU and everybody and you ripping the kid. We have some weird fans.

Robert is only satisfied with 3 stars. He doesn’t want the status quo to rise.

Did u see his dribbling. I know they dnt call walks anymore. Yea ur rite that lasso dribbling is great. And having to gather himself before that fast break. I would have thought he should have had a better video.
Thats all beside the point he is not coming here.
I had to go back and look and that video. No I was rite I would had post a different one.
He was really hooking the guy on the first guy. So its worse then I thought.

Funny logan. I dnt like this one kids dribbling a 4 play video know I hate 4 stars.

The weird fans are actually fans who think they know more about sports than they really do.
Hence the comments that make no sense at times. But these blogs give people something to do with time on their hands.

Blind faith is not good. Ranking are not always rite.
All I got to go off of is a lil video.
U would have to be blind to think it was a great video.

Osu won 2 on the diamonds tonite

Awesome! Who’d we beat? I haven’t kept up as much as I should this season!!

That would have been isu for the girls they got the sweep. Boys took the series from west Virginia.
Both are sitting in 3rd