Could the Pac-12 Pull Together a Super Conference That Includes OSU?

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Could this work?

It’s not a bad idea.

Could just divide into two division. Play any where from 7 to 9 league games. A pod would have what 4 team playoff at the end.
If ur in a weak pod that’s 3 wins every year. Just dnt like the pod.

Yeah, whatever happens we need Houston because just west Texas isn’t enough to sustain us. We need to have a game every other year in a vibrant Texas recruiting market and I think Houston is our best bet. We have to have constant exposure and a cheap travel game for player families and prospects.

Whether we go west or east, we need to maintain consistent exposure in Texas. It took Arkansas years to stabilize after their SEC move took away their Texas recruiting roots. Don’t think it wouldn’t happen to us too.

  1. Don’t invite Boise. I would enjoy playing them as much as the next guy, but they don’t add much to the bottom line.

  2. Add a Kansas School or another Texas school in their place.

  3. Would the PAC want to do this? Does it increase their value in any way? If I’m a PAC president, I probably say “no.”

They want money too
The more teams a bigger tv footprint.
And the have not been getting to the playoff

Does it earn the PAC more money? Adding 4 teams would need to increase the total value of the league by 33% in order for the league to break even. Do OSU, TT, UH, and KSU do that? Maybe…?

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Sorry for being a broken record as I have made these same comments elsewhere but from a big picture perspective the PAC 12 and probably the other P5 conferences who are not SEC are going to have to do something drastic to survive vs the SEC. If they don’t it’s game over for them somewhere down the road. Once they understand that I’m sure they can work through the myriad of issues that comes with integrating new teams.

Boise brings nothing to a conf other than a decent football team. Kstate is a better pick. This set up is the best for us long term.

Yeah obviously but about 2 seconds of research would let you know Boise State isn’t going to be a part of it.

Why do these articles keep suggesting that Houston will bring a lot of fans? They’re a giant university with a huge enrollment but it looks a lot more like a commuter school than your traditional state school. Only 17% of the student body lives in campus. They’re in the middle of a metro area of 7 million people and only average about 30,000 fans a game in a 42,000 seat stadium. OSU draws substantially more than that and we’re the (distant) second most popular team in a state with only 4 million people.

I feel like if you really believe Houston has big time sports potential that’s almost as good a reason to not invite them. Promoting them to a power 5 conference gives them the kind of prestige they haven’t had since the southwest conference imploded. You’re giving Houston a huge shot in the arm and not really getting the media/ratings/fan interest bump everyone seems to think will come from the Houston market.

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Take out Houston, Texas Tech, and Boise and don’t hose and Big 8 members (ISU, KU, and KSU). UT and ATM in the SEC don’t think the league is helped more in Texas than losing all of Kansas and a good part of Iowa. Another options would be to keep everyone in the Big 12 and add Texas schools to get to 20. I liked the 10 team format out of 8,10, and 12.

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Agree - just add us, Texas Tech, Kansas, and Kansas State.

I had a dream last night that the PAC12, Big10 and the ACC got tired of the SEC steering the college football ship and went for the nuclear option. As a group they absorbed the remnants of the big 12. And then exited the CFP/Championship forming their own separate CFP and championship leaving the SEC and the current CFP to play by themselves. Whew boy now that was some dream. Wonder how legitimate this Big 10 talk is. That’s got to be the best option.

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We would be play games at 9 am.