Coveted Berryhill OL Recruit Davis Dotson Commits to Oklahoma State

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Dotson is a top-20 player in the state and a rising prospect after a big senior season.

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Good get. Dickey is lucky he didn’t slip away after offering him so late. On3 seems to be pretty high on him for some reason. They have him in their top 300 as a 4 star. Still need a transfer or two to fill in the next year or two.


Solid I wonder what took so long ?

I wonder if it’s because they had no idea how much depth we’d lose to the portal? May have not had room for him if everyone stayed

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We have a couple of other hs players we may pick up

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Need proven portal guys. Experience. You fill your roster with just highschool kids and watch a lot of them hit the portal. You get portal kids and they have already hit the portal so would be less likely to hit the portal aging. Hey, Mike knows what he’s doing tho so…


Im all with portal guys. It’s a good sign were losing guys in some cases. A guy like hunter knows he will not start and may lose a spot. The defensive guys was r coaches abilities to get them and thur success we lost them

One thing it’s late so all the guys who have gone portal and dnt have new homes is good. Out of the guys who thinking about pro. If their enrolled it’s not 100%.

Yes I would love some portal guys. But that cause going to the portal too.

U can’t give up on hs kids. Oliver is a prime example. U can tell we are getting better hs recruits by how many freshman have played in the last few years.

U have to have a balance. I like r coaching staff the new dc I think will add alot. He can recruit where Knowles was not himself recruiting. Go look at recruits they never hash tagged Knowles. And he wasn’t coach the linebackers. I’m not say mason will have a top 10 defense. There are alot of things going against him.

Dunn will have a lil better offense. Be nice to pick up a back tho.


On3 is higher on a lot of our recruits than the others. Like all the boys from Oklahoma are 4 star or high 3 star in their ranking.

They also have Austin Kawechi as a top 300 player. Really hope their right that’d be 2 top 300 tackles


Yes!!! This is what drives me crazy. We need a couple of guys already developed that have played at this level. If Gundy says experience can’t be replaced he should be kicking in Dickey’s office door with a Molotov on standby asking him why we haven’t picked up a single lineman from the portal.


Only u joey


Why hadn’t we offered this kid before now ? I like his size, bet he is 325 before long