Cowboy Comparisons: Justice Hill vs. Joseph Randle

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You get to pick one. Justice or Joe?


Is this article just a comparison between Randle and Hill or is this about who is the second best RB in OSU history (is that what was meant by “second ballot alums)?

If it’s the latter, I’m not sure the right guys are being compared. Thurman Thomas went to OSU, for example.

Hope oSu goes back to throwing the ball to RB more often. Hill had 1/2 the catches and 1/3 the yards. I would love to know how many 0 gain or negative rushes for each. My guess is that number is much higher for Hill than Randle and would certainly negatively impact his overall numbers.

39 game for Hill 49 catches 304 yards
36 games for Randle 108/917

I liked them both, but I don’t think Randle was better than Hill. I think Randle was in better offenses.

2010 Points/G: 44.2 (3rd of 120)
2011 Points/G: 48.7 (2nd of 120)
2012 Points/G: 45.7 (3rd of 124)

2016 Points/G: 38.6 (17th of 128)
2017 Points/G: 45.0 (4th of 130)
2018 Points/G: 38.4 (13th of 130)

IMO your comparing a good situation with a bad one. Randle had the benefit of better offensive lineman and better coaching with wickline and the guys he brought in. He also had a nice backup in Jeremy smith at the time who was more of a power runner, they had a nice 1-2 punch. Things would then take a turn for the worse, Justice put things on his back as a true freshman when Chris Carson got hurt and then when they finally got back together at full strength was probably the first time oSu had a good tandem of backs in 4-5 years. Chuba had to pay his dues and when he got the nod was straight up ready.