Cowboy XFL?

What cowboy would you want to see in the XFL and get a chance to shine?

Does Brandon Weeden have one last hurrah? Justin Blackmon get a second chance?

I would love to see Justin Blackmon make it all right with everyone. I would also like to see those fringe, NFL guys make it. Maybe all the undrafted guys get drafted by the XFL. That’d be really feel good.

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You could probably throw Randle in with Blackmon.

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Randle has CTE. Blackmon works at a bar. Weeden plays golf.

Dez could probably be a leading receiver


Randall has CTE? That makes me very very sad.

Here’s a really well written long form article about Randle that highlights why he may be thought to have CTE.

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Thinking about this topic again, wonder if Stoops will coach a Cowboy at some point. Any coaches you’d like to see the Pokes have in the XFL?