Cowboys Drop Series Opener to No. 2 Vanderbilt in Game 1 of Doubleheader

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Cowboys drop their first game of the season.

Never got are bats going. Let’s get hitting tonite

Have to wonder how Vanderbilt can recruit like they do since they used to suck at every sport.
I have to retract the above statement. Research shows me that Vanderbilt had really good football teams in the 1890’s thru the early 1920’s. And lately, really good bowling teams.
And no team’s bats are going to come alive against the pitcher Vanderbilt used during the first game of the DH. Size and speed = dominance = low era = MLB star. I think with our new ballpark we might be able to take our recruiting to a higher level. At least I hope so. It’s no shame to get creamed by a team like Vanderbilt.

Very ugly showing by the pokes. Too many non competitive at bats. Vandy’s two starters are big time, but you have to compete. I like that Josh made line up changes for game 2. The beating they are taken today sucks, but it’s baseball and tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully the guys learn from today experience.

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We had a hard time throwing strike also