Cowboys Make AP Top 25 For First Time since 2015

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It’s been since Travis Ford was on OSU’s sideline.

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It’s weird how a road lose to tcu is worth so much less then a home game to Texas

Don’t be so disappointed.

I’m not

What’s your prediction for tonight? I want to believe we find a way to beat Kansas at AFH, but I’m not sure. My few keys to the game: 10 turnovers or fewer for entire game, Cade shooting the ball better than he did on Saturday, and being more aggressive earlier in the game. Kalib needs to keep his momentum going. Ice needs to break out of his funk, and Rondel giving us a spark off the bench. 1 more for the road: free throws!!! At some point, this team needs to make a high percentage of their FT attempts.

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Ice is not in a funk. He is playing with one good foot. He probably should not even being playing with that injury.
Cade needs to play offense during both halves of the game.
Hopefully Rondell Walker does not play this game with that bandaged finger he had on Saturday.
Anderson needs to slow down.
Take time to make better shot selections.
They need to fly in a consultant who specializes in teaching how to make free throws.
Decrease the number of risky passes and that will cut down on some of the turnovers.
Boone needs to pretend he is still playing for his high school team and forget everything else and keep smiling.

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I hope so but given the short turn around time after the Texas game (double OT), their history of being inconsistent game to game, and the fact that Kansas is going to be desperate for a win, I’m not picking them to win tonight. I hope I’m wrong.

We should have been at #23 last week and KU should have been out of the poll. We had a better record and had already beat them. Lets make it a sweep.

At least stop missing the first would do a lot. Ten turnovers or less is asking a lot out of a young team.

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I’m with u brother.