Cowboys Make Top 10 for Four-Star RB Kaleb Jackson

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Jackson would be the No. 2 RB ever to sign at OSU.

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Alot of big boys on that list.

So Joey has just said it’s ok to take 17 years to win your first big 12 regular season title and never we the title

Herschel Sims had a higher 247 composite than Tatum Bell.

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4th? Guess that would be at least 2nd in the new conference without ou and Texas for the highest paid big twelve coach.

Looks a bit stiff in the hips to me in the video. Not much of a cutter slasher. Guess videos can be deceiving.

Yea saban is just sucking us in to take this piece of chit.

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He looked like an Alabama running back to you?

Forgot you don’t answer questions sorry

I didn’t look at it ,because with the of 8 names he didn’t look like a osu recruit

You should so you can respond intelligently

Lol that’s funny Jef. You being part of the stooges.
He put out a final 3 list and were on it I will worry about what he looks like. But if you want to per ejaculated ok.

Just responding what my eyes see that’s it. Yea your write if we get him with those suitors then I’m probably right in my assumption

Just didn’t look real fluid and alittle stuff in the hips for such a high profile kid. Be a good backup for Alabama I guess.

I was about to write something about how can 4-star Bell be higher ranked than a 5-star in Sims? Not that the five translated, which far too often it goes not. UT gets 5 stars but most often turns into 2 or 3 stars max, lol.

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Extraordinary breakaway speed to take it to the house regularly. Not alot of wiggle, just cut and take it up field. Would be a tremendous get.

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