Cowboys Move Up to 11th in AP Poll

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USC leapfrogged the Cowboys in the ranking.

I knew usc would jump us in the ap.

USC might be top 5 after next week. They’re dying to get them relevant again.


Let me ask you guys. If usc let rice score 40 points do you think they would still jump us?

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63 to 14 looks why better than 58 to 44.


Looks like they have more respect for Lincoln Riley than they do Mike Gundy.

Again you think its riley. Its usc. And they need a pac 12 team up higher, since the balck weekend they had.
You think if riley was at north texas he would get recruits and be top 10

My question is why is a one loss ND still ahead of oSu in the polls? I understand we played CM but we lit up the scoreboard in the first half. Not to mention defeated them in our bowl game.

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You knew Lincoln Riley was going to run up the score on any team he plays?

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They know that USC isn’t going 5-7 with Lincoln Riley. Not even in his first year.

Are you trying to say we’re the same as North Texas? Maybe not top 10 or awesome recruits. I’m willing to be his offensive game plans would be more than “Doing the same thing he’s always done”.

Because an 11 point loss at #2 in the country looks more respectable than giving up 44 points at home to a G5 team?

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Although we get a nice hit of brain dopamine when we look at the polls and see us moving up, none of this matters right now.

But I’ll admit it is fun to look over. Here are the actual sports reporters and their individual rankings.

It’s all opinions, of course. Two things I noted:

  1. The Shorthorns were unranked by 41 voters, but a few ranked them high…wide variation, but consensus favors not worthy of ranking.

  2. The only voter who “Not Ranked” Ok State: Nathan Baird. Nathan also has 11 Extreme Picks, where he is the biggest outlier. He’s listed as Ohio State football reporter.

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I think I know why they are but still question WHY?

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It’s funny Kirk Bohls had us at #24. He had 10 in the extreme category.

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1.) If you had 40 whole brain cells, would you still grin when you pee in the bath tub?
2.) I’m going to guess CMU has more wins in the last five years than Rice has in the last ten, but I won’t check that.
3.) We still moved up the polls.
4.) The AP poll is 50% bias.
5.) The AP poll doesn’t matter.

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Well said.

So, if we went 13-0 against G5 teams that win 8-10 games each and Notre Dame went 0-12 against top ten teams, which team is more likely to make the playoffs?

Edit: Sounds like you think Nebraska should’ve been in over Cincinatti.

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The question is in no way relatable, and doesn’t prove a point. It still doesn’t matter. If OSU were playing at Ohio State and lost 21-10 on the road it would still be more respectable in many people’s eyes than if ND were to win a 58-44 game at home against Central Michigan.

What if OSU goes 12-1 (with a loss to K State, and Big 12 champs (we can only dream)) and ND goes 11-1 with their only loss to Ohio State (who makes the playoffs). Who gets in?

That’s not your scenario. Your scenario is that a loss is more impressive than a win which is stupid. However, if we win the conference beating OU, Texas, Baylor and probably one of those teams twice (not Texas, though), we’d probably be in over ND. I’d have to look at ND’s schedule, though. If they knock off Clemson, then maybe not, but it would be decided by whom you beat, not who you “impressively” lost to.

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That’s not what I said. People will tend to be more impressed that you gave #2 all they could handle on their own field than not being able to cover the spread at home against a G5 team.

In 2011 we had more top 25 wins and wins against teams with a winning record than Alabama. Guess which team was playing in the national title game? I guess they were more impressed by Bama’s loss than the wins we had :man_shrugging:.