Cowboys Offer 2021 Linebacker Nick Morris Jr.

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OSU extends an offer to an under-the-radar defender.

Like it… a tough smart kid who can play!

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“So, basically, Morris is your classic Oklahoma State recruit, an off-the-radar athlete with the potential to be that diamond in the rough we’ve seen OSU churn out time and time again.”

So how exactly are those “under-the-radar” and “diamond-in-the-rough” recruits doing in the NFL? Even our three star recruits on the defensive side of the ball are rarely seeing any action in the NFL. This is Oklahoma State!!! Why are they still recruiting like they are on the same level as a Vanderbilt or Kansas in football?

Jim Knowles has shown me enough to feel like he knows what he’s doing. If he thinks a kid can play, he’s probably right.

6’3 and 225. I’d rather have the size and athleticism than the 4 star kid who is only 5’9 180. You can teach 6’3 225 what to do and develop him, there’s not a ton of guys under 6’0 and 200 pounds playing in the NFL.

Also Alton Mcaskill, 3 star RB from Texas, gotta find a way to get him in Stillwater. I’m no scout but he’s 6’1 200 pounds and runs a 100m in 10.5 that combination of size and speed can be dangerous. I think he’s a legit NFL talent.

Tell me how man 4 star linebackers you know of that are 5’9 and 180 pounds?

There is a whole roster full of them down south. Lol.

I’m not necessarily talking about linebackers, you see a lot of linebackers about 6’0 200 that are 4 stars but that’s not big enough to do crap. The 5’9 180 was just a general size, you see a lot of highly recruited secondary guys about that size, and in the nfl you don’t even see corners much under 6’0 and 200.

So OU has a bunch of 5’9 and 180 pound linebackers? Or do you mean defensive backs?