Cowboys Offer Colorado State Transfer Devin Phillips

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Phillips is a productive four-year starter.

Be a good get. Clay is doing good. Hope kelly breaks out for his jr year.

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Will Kelly be a rd shirt soph or jr ? I thought he would be a soph nest season ?
Clay has played well the last 4 games

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I read one story where Gundy says he’s not a portal guy; next story we extend a portal offer.

He wants to use the portal to get guys we are short of.

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Should be red shirt soph. Sorry about that

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It’s fine, I thought I had lost a year somewhere :joy:

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Colorado state.

Oh good you can read and copy

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Good thing you didn’t bet me on if gundy would make it to the championship game because you would not be on here anymore. How about next year? Same bet is on the table if you want? No chance you take it lol

O good you actually made a complete sentence and spelled everything right​:clap::clap::clap:.

I know you cant remember all the incoherent post because you were drunk. Like those rumors you still believe in