Cowboys Sport Icy Scheme with Cursive Cowboys Lid in Lubbock

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OSU is undefeated in cursive.

Would be nice to move the ball against Tech.

4th and 1 on the Tech 42 and we punt the ball. This is the chit I’m talking about. Trying to Pat Jones your way to victory. Looks like a repeat of the Iowa State game.

Can we run up the middle now.

If you can’t run up the middle for one yard against a 6-4 Texas Tech team then you need to tell your offense at halftime they are absolute chit. Either that or change your game plan and actually try to outcoach the other team.

That will never happen.

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Weird how Robert is concerned about Knowles only having 5 commits.

Based on what I’ve seen so far. I would say it looks like the offense desperately needs more depth and better coaching. While it looks like the defense has pretty good depth with better coaching.

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U asked who punched their ticket first to the title game.
It’s the team coach by gundy

Actually that’s wrong. Riley has done it the four previous times as the OU head coach.

Jug was asking about this year.
So no ur wrong.
Riley hasn’t even punched ou’s ticket

If we don’t get our offensive lineman and Brennan Presley back next week he probably will. Especially if our offensive game plan looks like it did today.