Cowboys Take Sunday Finale against West Virginia 11-6

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The Cowboys break their five-game skid to stay above .500 in Big 12 play.

Walks, wild pitches, walks, I had high hopes for this team. Surely they dont miss Nolen this much?
Pitching hasn’t been high caliber


There was no way we were going to replace the pitching we lost after last season. We have some good pitching, but we are young. McClean hasn’t been hurt long enough to make this big of a difference. Yes, it disrupts the lineup, but our hitting should have been able to fill the void better than this. I think losing him as a closer hurts more than anything at this point. It was good to see Daughtery being able to give Atkison some rest as I am sure he is exhausted. I am hoping that this lull in production is allowing them to regroup and get ready to close the season and be successful in the Big 12 Tournament. Otherwise, we are going to lose a TON of talent next year if we can’t finish strong. Riggio, McClean, Mendham, POSSIBLY even Schubert, will all be gone next year. I have a feeling this will be yet another failed season with OSU athletics. It’s hard having winning expectations every year, only to be let down almost immediately after each season starts.

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Mendham, Mcclain and Marcus Brown are all gone. Riggio I think comes back next year. He’s draft eligible but will still have some leverage even if he returns because he’ll only be a Jr. He needs to show some consistency at the plate and itd do him good to show scouts that he can transition to the left side of the IF. @firegumby Schubert isnt draft eligible until 25’. He will be back, unless he transfers. Benge is back & is a potential Ace, but man its soooo hard to be a 2-way guy at that level. I think they treat him much like they did Nolan. I dont think theres any way they can use him as a starter on a Fri and position him Sat/Sun. I think you see him do a ton of DH’ing.

Im curious when the OSU brass start wanting more of a return on their investment with the baseball program down the line.

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Agreed regarding Benge. I think Schubert will hit the portal. We are losing so much hitting talent that I don’t think we can be competitive for much longer. I mean, last year we had one of the best teams we have had in years. We couldn’t even win our own conference or get out of a home regional. I really think Riggio will be gone. He does need some fielding work, but I think his bat makes up for it. Wondering what is going on with Mendham??? He was like 1 for 22 before that base hit in the 8th. I just can’t figure it out. So much talent, but it never seems to gel at the right time.

Mendham actually is having the best year hes had, statistically. D is a grinder. Dude puts in more work than just bout anybody youll find. His strikeouts are WAY DOWN from what theyve been. Hes hitting for a better average. Hes just pressing right now with Nolan being out. Dave is an absolute TEAM first guy and hes feeling the pressure right now.

I agree. I have always enjoyed watching him. I wasn’t dogging on the guy at all. He just had a rough stretch. Hopefully he can swing his way out of it in the next few weeks.

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Pitching has been an Achilles heel for awhile. I know Rob is supposed to be top notch but lots of arm injuries, can’t throw strikes, walks… leaves a kid in too long when he’s struggling. I know they need to learn how to get out of jams they are in, I’m not smart enough to know when you pull a kid. Leaving them in too long has cost us. Brown hasn’t been the Friday starter we expected

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I was at Saturday’s game. Three starters batting low .200s and one guy around .195. Not why we lost, reliever who lost was throwing gas, fastball was mostly 94 or 95, but he didn’t have any off-speed stuff that was effective. Still, if I’m Josh, next season I’m hiring Uncle Dave, who worked for Gary Ward when almost every year 1~9 could RIP!

Riggio is a STUD!!!

I said last year, I think oSu should move on from him.

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Riggio is only a sophomore. Only way he can get drafted is if he turns 21 by the time of the draft. Will he?

He turns 21 on June 11, 2023.

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Thanks for the info. He’s gone then. Dude rakes far too well not to get drafted early.

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