Cowboys Up to No. 10 in AFCA Coaches Poll

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The Cowboys are back in the Top 10 according to the coaches.

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This week is a joke with Alabama msu and wake results

Can we really consider ourselves to be a legit top ten team when we still don’t have our offense up to full speed yet? Progress is being made for sure but still not firing on all cylinders and I think that was reflected by Gundy in the post game media interview. At this point I think we might end up in a bowl game vs. Texas A&M. I think being ranked number ten at this point is very generous. Bedlam for me will be the only way to know for sure how good OSU really is. I just don’t know if the teams in the Big 12 are that good this season. Iowa St beats OSU but then loses to WVA but WVA gets dominated by OK St. So who knows? TCU pulls an upset. Beat OU and then we have a legit place in the top 10. CFB? No, because the committee wants Ohio St in there and it’s good for viewership to have Cincinnati in the playoffs. So Iowa St potentially once again keeps us from possible national championship game. Karma! Pure speculation hinging on a miracle of beating OU twice. If the offense has all its bullets loaded by then, it could happen. If we lost Devan Harper for the season to injury yesterday then we are handicapped. Same thing for Cassity.

It’s sad to hear from u debbie downers. I’m dnt sure. Do I cry about ur sob story or for u guys being sad.

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I see us moving up 2 spots at the least. At some point the AP and others will have to acknowledge our DEFENSE is spectacular.

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You can go back to the post game interview and hear how Gundy realistically answered when asked how good does he think this team really is. The media tried to pin him down with this same question 2-3 times. The bowl games should give us a better picture of how good or not so good the Big 12 has been this season.

I knew what u were saying. Just mite want to be a lil more positive. This team was picked for 5th 8 wins.
We got that locked down.
We can only compete with how is on r schedule. Every thing u said is or maybe true. But I can make stronger case for most of these teams being bad above us in the poll. U take Oregon that Stanford loss can debate Oregon plus the big ten.
U just can throw out that one game Oregon is not that good. Their barely winning games in a bad pac12.
That is one thing everybody can agree on the pac12 and acc are bad.

How does Michigan St drop only 3 spots losing to a bad Purdue team?

All I can say for sure is that after watching the Cowboys play yesterday, this is the first season in a long time that I actually think we have a chance to beat OU. Before the season began I predicted an 8 win season. After the first few games I predicted 6 wins at most. Now I would say not counting bowl game, a 10 win season at least. And to do that with all the key injuries we have had and some of those important players out for the season, I would give Gundy Big 12 coach of the year. I don’t follow other teams that much, so who is considered to have a better defense than the Cowboys?

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I think gundy will lose out to Baylor coach. I think everyone feels we have the best defense.

We beat Baylor so it does not seem fair to give award to Baylor coach instead of Gundy

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He was a 2 win team last year and gundy has been coaching for ever.
What is this word fair you speak of.

Since that is quite a turn around it does seem fair to reward the Baylor coach ahead of Gundy. Gundy can collect his award whenever one of his teams makes it to the CFP. But as I said, Iowa St loss already messed that up for this season. On the other hand, maybe the committee would overlook that if OSU beat OU twice. After all, the failed 4th down attempt was considered a controversial call by some.

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Is Devin Harper injured?