Cowboys' Youth Not Showing in Overtime

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Mike Boynton is 5-1 games that go to OT.

The baseball team got the u r first win in their new home

Dad, brother, son and I all went tonight. Had a blast! Our starting pitcher looked great tonight. Thought we showed real discipline at the plate too compared to some of what we saw last year. O’Brate is going to be a recruiting monster for Josh. It’s a freaking palace, guys and gals. Go see the ‘Boys play in-person if you get a chance and if you feel safe/healthy COVID-wise.

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Excited for the future for our baseball and basketball teams.

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But our cash cow…well I’m not. We are being held hostage. It happens at other schools but sure wish people paid more attention to history and actually learn from it.

This is a basketball thread Robert🤌 Not baseball. I know it pains you to see other young coaches put time and effort in recruiting and find success while doing it but come on man.

Have no idea what ur crying about here. I guess call 911.

I like to post good poke news when I can. So people know. You like to cry when u can. This is not a hissy fit site either never stopped u.