Cowgirls Season Ends after Late-Night Bout with Florida State

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The Cowgirls finish 48-12 this season.

Still a great season.

Lot of seniors on this team. They will be missed. And hard to replace

Disappointing end to a good season. :disappointed_relieved:

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Actually a great season. Only one team can win. To make it to the final 5 isn’t disappointing, but an accomplishment 200+ women’s teams wish they could have achieved.

Cowgirls faced some really tough pitching in all of college during the CWS and that’s why their bats were silent. The perennial debate is, does great pitching overcome great hitting, or vice versa? During the almost 70 years that I can recall watching baseball I would say that great pitching shuts down great hitting more so than great hitting overcomes great pitching.