Cox: Five Predictions for Oklahoma State Sports in 2020

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Predicting Chuba’s 2020 and a NCAA berth for OSU hoops.

I was with you until #5. I think those days are over…


Solid takes, the only one I think you may completely whiff on is #5. Gunnar is walking on, Mike already makes a boatload of cash with a built in raise each year, and he loves his momma and Stillwater, so I think he’s here until he decides to ride off into the sunset.

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Agree with you both. If he underperforms again next year, they just might call his bluff and let him walk. Easy way out of the rollover contract.

If #5 happens, then he can show himself to the door.

If Gundy flirts again especially w an SEC school that can afford his buyout then please let him walk. Could b a blessing in disguise. I would love to see Gundys face he goes to holder and says this school wants to give me X amounts of dollars and holder says take it. Don’t get me wrong I’m appreciative of what Gundy has done for the program but he has plateaued to the point that my # 5 prediction is even if Chuba comes back Gundy will fins a way to be out coached and cost us 2 games nxt yr.

How could we get Bryce Thompson if he’s already signed with Kansas? @kyleporterCBS

It’s not difficult to get out of a LOI. What happens if Kansas gets hammered in May?

What do you consider underperform? I promise most on here think making a bowl (any bowl) is good enough.

  1. I dont think Gundy is stupid enough to let that happen
  2. Booster(s) would call his bluff
  3. The word is more than ‘just out there’ among AD’s that Gundy isn’t leaving at this point …and AD’s won’t allow themselves to be used…and/or…interested in ‘betting’ on Gundy to restore a disabled program