Cox's Notebook: Reliving OSU's 50-44 Win over Texas Tech

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Unloading the notebook after OSU’s home field finale.

Makes me sick that Jackson didn’t go in for that 4th TD. Put the foot on the throat! As much as this offense has struggled this season and had so much of the point totals lifted by special teams and defense, the offense needed that touchdown. To hell with sportsmanship at that point. Score that TD, then kick it deep to them. There’s no way Tech is scoring enough to come back at that point. I can’t stand Gundy’s conservatism. He can’t be replaced soon enough for me.

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Gundy in post-game said he would’ve recommended scoring, so maybe Dezmon went down on his own. Which is honestly even worse. That means that Gundy’s mindset is rubbing off on players and causing them to make a decision NOT TO SCORE to control clock. Our kids should be coached in no uncertain terms to score at every single opportunity. Have the mindset to dominate from start to finish.