Cunningham, Likekele Out for Oklahoma State's Game against West Virginia

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The pair combined for 47 points against West Virginia in Stillwater.

Hope they r ready for Wednesday

A smart move by Boynton. Boynton is 17-7 and ranked in the top 20 with the most quadrant one wins in the nation. No reason to further risk injury to Cunningham or Likekele at WV right before the Big 12 tourney.

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Thats weird I thought u said injured players should play to win. That is what u have said so double standards again.

Couldn’t agree more. Not to mention we won’t have to play in the first day of the Big 12 tournament regardless of the outcome. Rest and get ready for Wednesday.

I’ve never said anything like that. If your so sure about it then find one of my posts and put it on this thread to prove me wrong. Until then just shut up.

Ur saying u have never bad mouth injured players at all, about they should play if they can.
Yea I know does fit your narrative in this sport.
I’m not chasing down ur crap post didn’t like it the first time I read it.

Like I said if you can prove it then post it. Stop being lazy about things and actually put some effort and thinking into what you reply.

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I will just wait some one will back me up. Yes I’m lazy not going to run down one of ur rants

Prepare to wait a long time then. If your waiting for Michael then it doesn’t count. I only take people seriously if they give me a reference or evidence. Not someone’s personal opinion.

Joe u said it just because u want to back out of it because it doesn’t fit ur narrative ok fine. I’m to make fun of u not chase down ur blah blah.

Make fun of me for what? Something I never said or did?

I would never make fun of u if u said nothing.

Joe 15 never said anything about players should play even if they are hurt that I recall Robert.

Well that solved the mystery.
This was back when ld and Hubbard were out.
It probably had to do with bagging on gundy, but he did mention the need to suck it up and play.
Its funny I’ve mention in the past how Joey doesn’t like 3 stars walkons and injured players, nothing is said until i bring up against his narrative.

Just because I want higher caliber players doesn’t mean I automatically hate three star players or walk-ons. I think Brennan Presley will be good and he was a three star.

Brandon Weeden was the best QB in school history in my opinion and he was a walk-on. Your getting my messages mixed up with you conceptual thinking.

I ask Gundy to recruit better because it’s been proven that more 4 star players in high school go on to the next level to be really good college players or to the NFL at a larger rate than 3 stars and below.

Now that’s not to say every now and then you hit a diamond in the rough, BUT if I can get two or three more higher caliber players to play right along side with those diamonds in the rough then why wouldn’t I?

Do we want to challenge for championships or continue to challenger for third loser?

Blah blah why do u have to rite so much and the same stuff blah blah
I have never misunderstood u.
U do not come across well because u r so obsessed with gundy. No matter either with gundy ur some mystical coach u have telaported in,we will have 3 star walkons and injured players.
So u need to come to terms with ur issues.

Really good win I have no idea how they overcame that many turnovers and free throws but they did, great hard fought win!

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By your comments I’m starting to think your becoming obsessed with me. Kind of scary to be honest.To point out what you just said it’s just a difference of opinion. You think we can’t recruit better than the other 57% of P5 teams that out recruit us on a nearly annual basis and we’re stuck with walk-ons and three stars. That’s fine.

I’m of the opinion if we’re the 10th best team in the country (2nd in conference) over the last 10 years then recruiting rankings would improve and not get stagnant or become worse. What 4 star recruit wouldn’t want to play for such a program if he has a chance of immediate playing time? For me if we’ve maintained a consistency of winning seasons and bowl games the better recruits should come along. Doesn’t take 10 years to figure out if we should be able to get better recruits or not.

Lol nice do a smoke screen. Then go back to blah blah blah.
Thats some funny chit.
I’ve tried to help u out but its simple u can’t understand the complexity of college recruiting.
I mean u can’t answer ur own question about how we win with without recruiting. Its gundy.
No matter what u think when a blue blood comes a calling on an athlete we have locked the bolt.
These are things u can not accept be it u have low comprehension or ur just ur crazy obsession