Daily Bullets (Apr. 18): Most Viewed of the Week, 3-2-1, Lose Football or Basketball Season?

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The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Perfectly Roasted in Historic Guthrie. Two Bags Ship Free. Order Now! Ah, the weekend. We decided to push back potty-training our two-year-olds for another week. Cheers! Bullets Rundown • Boynton’s idea for a season and well-thought-out response • Less players = more Boynton exposure Three Observations • Mike Boynton had two comments worth taking note of: both a great idea and a wise protocol to follow. “You maybe push basketball back and instead of starting in November or December, maybe it doesn’t start until January or February. Or it starts in March and ends in May, in a condensed version.” This is Boynton wondering aloud, not proclaiming or even planning. He says he isn’t to that point yet. He says he will leave particulars of hard decisions to folks “about 18 levels above me, starting with ADs and presidents, chancellors and conference commissioners.” [TulsaWorld] I love the idea of starting in January – get the heck away from football and relish in the spring to yourself. I also like Boynton’s humility and how he deferred to those above him. • It goes a bit without saying but Mike Boynton’s recruiting…

I’d rather lose football, 3rd or 4th in the conference is not that important.

I mean, I get where you’re coming from although for football is really been 2nd or 3rd, and we do have a good recruiting class coming in for basketball, but basketball hasn’t really proven that it can even be that good yet. I’m intrigued by the talent coming in for basketball, but football has a legit conference title opportunity. Basketball finally has a class that is in part with what ku has every year. I just don’t see them winning the conference. Drastic improvement, yes, but one class doesn’t get you the conference title, especially when they’re all freshmen and only one of them is considered a sure fire pro level contributor.

I would rather bet on a total unknown than bet on something that has proven that the one win in 15 years was a fluke.

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I would rather lose football. We will NEVER and I repeat NEVER win another conference title, much less a Natty, under Gundy. With Boynton, there is so much hope, promise, and work ethic when it comes to development and recruiting and Boynton openly talks “another banner” in GIA. You’ll never hear this from Gundy.


As much as I’m excited to see what Boyton and Co. will do this upcoming season, I’d rather lose basketball. You lose football and a lot of other sports will go by the wayside due to the massive loss in revenue that’s generated by football.

We’ve had 7 double-digit win seasons and have been ranked in the top ten at some point in 60% of our football seasons the past decade, and we’ve won ONE tournament game since 2005 in basketball and this is your take? We don’t win conference titles in football because OU is constantly better than us, and everyone else. We don’t win conference titles in basketball because have had a winning record in conference one time in the last decade.

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But at least we are trying to do something about basketball instead of being content with never being better than about 3rd or 4th in the conference.

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I’d rather lose football out of the two.

I get that, but I’d rather bet on the guy that has done it before. He’s at least proven that he actually can do it.

Once in a lifetime isn’t very good odds.

Have you paid attention to the hype around this year’s football team?

Yep but I remember 2017 too. Rudolph, Washington and Justice Hill = Sanders, Wallace and Chuba. With just as much hype.