Daily Bullets (Apr. 24): 2017 - When Bedlam Was For Pros, Cowboy Football Starting in... October?

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The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Perfectly Roasted in Historic Guthrie. Two Bags Ship Free. Order Now! I have no idea how I’ll explain Kliff Kingsbury to my children – the guy gets fired at Texas Tech to be hired in the NFL and lives in this place. Good for him. War Room 2.0 pic.twitter.com/aCh3GYPVCG — Arizona Cardinals (@AZCardinals) April 24, 2020 Bullets Rundown • Cowboy Football starting in October • AJ Green’s profile • 2017 Bedlam was full of stars OSU Bullets • PFB’s Kyle Porter projects the season starting in October – a happy medium giving players time to get in shape but without knocking on the door of the NFL Draft. Let’s take a look: Oct. 22 — Oregon State (Stillwater) Oct. 31 — Tulsa (Stillwater) Nov. 7 — W. Illinois (Stillwater) Nov. 21 — TCU (Ft. Worth) Nov. 28 — Iowa State (Stillwater) Dec. 5 — Kansas (Lawrence) Dec. 12 — Oklahoma (Norman) Dec. 19 — Texas Tech (Stillwater) Dec. 26 — Baylor (Waco) Jan. 2– West Virginia (Stillwater) Jan. 9 — Kansas State (Manhattan) Jan. 16 — Texas (Stillwater) Bedlam in December! [PFB] You could shoot beebees in any theory at…

Not to be a downer – but of course OU has nine of 11 offensive starters eventually go in the first round the same year that OSU has a senior Mason Rudolph, senior James Washington, Marcell Ateman and Chris Lacy. With underclassmen Justice Hill and Tyron Johnson!
The 2017 team is considered one of the best offensive teams yet we’re miles away.

I got you covered on telling your kids about Kliff Kingsbury.

Kids Kliff was hired because of two reasons- the spread offense he coaches and his experience calling plays against better competition. The spread offense is a good system in itself, but that doesn’t get you an NFL head coaching job. Putting points on the board against better competition made KK an NFL coach. Just as Barry Sanders was made better by going against really good Big 8 programs. That jump stop became necessary for him to save success in Stillwater and Detroit. That jump stop made him the GOAT because it could freeze any defender big or small. Once he froze the defender he could run around the big guys and through the little guys. Then tell them how great Emmitt Smith was when U of F and Dallas Cowboys created huge holes from him to run through with Jimmy Johnson. However, Smith was average when Switzer’s teams couldn’t make those holes. Smith never had to learn the jump stop.

That is the talent side. Coaching college also includes running a program and acquiring talent. KK wasn’t really good at those, with a limited budget, which is why he got fired at Texas Tech. The Cardinals didn’t hire KK to run a program or acquire talent. KK runs practices, coaches offense, and talks to the media. The Cardinals hire others to do the rest. The lesson for the day kids is specialized skills are valued in today’s society. Hope that helps.