Daily Bullets (Apr. 25): Most Viewed of the Week, 3-2-1, Coach Sutton's Style Never Changed

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The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Perfectly Roasted in Historic Guthrie. Two Bags Ship Free. Order Now! Thoughts and prayers with the Mandeville’s this weekend as we potty train the twins – woo buddy. Bullets Rundown • Time to crawl from the last place recruiting class • Beautiful view of Boone Pickens Stadium • Fun Eddie story Three Observations • Here’s an optimistic take on why OSU’s football recruiting class is last in the Big 12: …(OSU) normally runs out in front in the Big 12 recruiting race before fading late — but landing bigger fish often takes more patience than normal. Again, only time will tell if this is true, and the early returns (in the form of commitments) have not been encouraging. But maybe (hopefully!) OSU has gotten back in the business of being a top-25 recruiting school to match what it’s done on the field of play. [PFB] OSU could be showing some patience with certain players and playing the recruiting long game with them… and it could lead to a different result in the rankings. • Here’s a sight for sore eyes – you could infer the Man Upstairs is an OSU…

“As the NCAA moves closer to allowing endorsements, what Cowboy since 2000 would have made the most on endorsements?”
Probably Mason Rudolph. Successful QBs tend to attract sponsors and he was here for 4 years.