Daily Bullets (Apr. 3): Basketball Hall of Fame Announces Tomorrow

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The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Perfectly Roasted in Historic Guthrie. Two Bags Ship Free. Order Now! Happy Friday – congrats on making it through a third workweek of the pandemic, here’s to the power of pants. Bullets Rundown • Hall of Fame announces tomorrow at noon • Weiberg’s requirement for games • Crowdless football OSU Bullets • The Basketball Hall of Fame is announcing at noon this Saturday on ESPN – Let Eddie in. Doug Barnes, who was an assistant coach for Sutton at Kentucky, said Sutton resurrected down-and-out programs at Creighton, Arkansas and Oklahoma State. “Any of those things could maybe get you in the Hall of Fame,” Barnes said of Sutton’s victory total, Final Four appearances and success in reviving programs, “let alone three of them.” [Kentucky.com] • OSU Deputy AD said playing football games is on the table as long as the campus is opened back up and classes are being held. Other voices in leadership around college sports agree. • Playing Big 12 football in front of no crowd – I can’t stop turning over this idea in my head. “I suppose it’s possible we could end up returning to some form of…

I can totally see Eddie getting in this year and not get his moment because of this mess we are currently in. Classic osu mess up. But with no sports, I could see over coverage too.

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not sure why Spencer Rattler, who hasn’t really played yet, gets the nod over Sanders?

This has more to do with coaches than players. Lincoln Riley has a reputation for making Heisman Trophy winners while Gundy has a reputation for losing to OU.

Maybe the corona virus took care of a few of those pesky “no” votes for Eddie