Daily Bullets (Aug. 7): OSU Holds Football Media Day

Originally published at: Daily Bullets (Aug. 7): OSU Holds Football Media Day | Pistols Firing

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Alot of good stuff.

Nice pass by crondog, probably could have walked it in.

Hey boynton that how you make 3’s.

Good news last few days on some of our nfl guys.

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Those oSu fans who said Cornelius sucked are doofy! I wish he was a year younger and could’ve started two years. Probably would’ve have gotten drafted quite early w/ a much better chance to stick in the NFL. I hope he comes back to the XFL because that’ll likely mean a much better chance at an NFL job than CFL, cause his Elks team isn’t very good which is why his stats aren’t that great.

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And you call Leach a looser. Lol

I have no idea what your trying to prove. This is a walkon that has done his best. He was a good cowboy and still is.

So was Daxx Garman. Both years ended with the same record.

Blah blah blah go mail it in some where else