Daily Bullets (Dec. 18): Chuba Talks Draft, Boynton's After a Local Four-Star

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Happy early signing day! Pokes have already landed one recruit this week, here’s a solid rundown of the class at hand. Bullets Rundown • Chuba talks draft (sort of) • What bowling with Chuba means • Boynton’s after a local four-star Scores • WBB: Cowgirls 72, Southern 59 OSU Bullets • Chuba Hubbard was asked point-blank about the NFL Draft and here was his response: When you start going through the draft process in a couple of months here, and teams sit you down and ask you to describe your skill set, what will you say to them? “To be honest, I haven’t spent a minute thinking about any of that yet. I haven’t even thought about the draft yet. It would be a little premature of me to be doing that right now. I’m just focused on winning games here. That’s all I really have to say about that.” [DraftWire] Still non-committal but deciding to play in the bowl game was wonderful news (and a surprise to most). • Chuba Hubbard’s announcement to stick around (at least) for the bowl game said a lot about him and how he feels about playing for OSU. Chuba Hubbard’s rare air floated…

re: Herbstreit- they do this in Miami too. I lived there 3 years. Drove me nuts.

Choob’s DraftWire interview:
“JM: You have a bunch of great teammates, but if you were going into battle tomorrow and could only bring one with you, who would it be and why?
CH: If I’m bringing one, I’m bringing them all (laughs). I can’t narrow it down to one. We’re a whole. We’re together as a unit, so we are one. The whole team, that’s the one I’m bringing.”
SO great! The incredible talent aside - I’d take a team full of this kid!

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