Daily Bullets (Dec. 3): How the Pokes Shut Down Marquette, Dezmon Jackson Has License to Spin

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Hubbard could still come back another yr. Back in the summer everybody was riding high on him. I did ask what would happen in this same way. No one paid me any attention. Poor focus and line troubles did him in.

Another year on a team that finishes 4th in the conference, probably won’t help.

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He probably lots his focus listening to bad fans like u. We r still winning the champ. Ou will virus out.

You better hope everyone viruses out, if you want a Gundy coached team to win.

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That was not a wishful thinking it a reference to riley cant control his team. Ou and baylor are thugs in the big 12
But yea keep it up ar1.

To me it really doesn’t matter if Hubbard goes or stays. Losing two O-line this year for stupidity is what really hurt. Hubbard lost me when he chose politics over the team. He really didn’t think that one through.
I have felt like LDB was just as good if not better than him. Now we got to see what DJ could do. If he has another great game against TCU he may have been under valued as well.

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I’m a firm believer that even if we didn’t suffer any injuries at all that Gundy still would’ve found a way to lose bedlam and keep OSU out of 1st and 2nd place in the conference like he’s done 8 out of the last 9 seasons.

Glad u opinion doesn’t count.

I still don’t why u pick me to point out useless info to.

Your right my opinion doesn’t matter I guess. Gundy keeps proving my point though.

Really did to knock it of.

What does “Really did to knock it of” mean? Did you mean to say “Really need to knock it off”?