Daily Bullets (Dec. 31): Gundy's In His Sweet Spot, Tylan -> Brayden?

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Happy late Christmas – Gundy landed a four-star defensive lineman transfer. Bullets Rundown • Gundy’s excited – we consider why • Tylan’s baton to Brayden? (plz stay Tylan) • Cowboy Basketball’s big battle Scores • WBB: Cowgirls 84, Duquesne 41 OSU Bullets • For all of the frustration with single-digit win seasons and recruiting classes in the 40s, Mike Gundy is walking into a familiar scenario where he’s had proven results. “I’m so excited about the future of Oklahoma State football,” he said. “I can’t wait to get started. … We’ll fly home (Saturday), and I’ll probably go to work the next day because I’m so excited about the players we have coming back and where we’re at, the improvements we’ve made in all areas.” That enthusiasm may come in handy as he starts the process of replacing arguably his best assistant while trying to retain the rest of his staff, all uncertainties with roots stretching right back to Gundy. [NewsOK] The things that frustrate and limit and constrain have to be held in tension with the things that Mike Gundy does that built the highest floor Cowboy Football has ever had. • If there was anything… anything good that…

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