Daily Bullets (Dec. 4): OSU's Best Pro Running Back Not Named Thurman or Barry, Texas Bowl Trending

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OSU hung in the top 25 of the CFP after the Bedlam loss – good stuff. And it’s still Cyber Wednesday at PFB! Bullets Rundown • OSU’s third-best pro running back • Gundy cares • Texas Bowl trending OSU Bullets • Berry Tramel had a take on who the third-best professional running back to come through OSU is. And it’s not a bad one. …(Chris Carson) has become instrumental in one of the NFL’s best teams. Seattle is 10-2 and beat Minnesota 37-30 in a wild game in which Carson rushed for 102 yards on 23 carries. And the results are in. Carson is the OSU-bred tailback this side of Zeus and Apollo. Barry Sanders and Thurman Thomas are unapproachable as the greatest Cowboys of them all. But the Cowboys also have a proud tailback tradition, even in this Air Raid century of high-tech passing. And Carson has emerged as the best pro runner of them all. [NewsOK] The one that popped into my head was Tatum Bell – he did lock up a couple of 1,000-yard seasons in Denver. But as Carson closes in on his second thousand yard season in just year three of his pro career, it’s getting…

Really wish Carson had a line when he was here. That 2015 line was probably the worst run blocking line we’ve had here in a very, very long time. If he had this year’s line, he could have done illegal things behind it. He’s probably the most physically built running back we’ve ever had (other than Jeremy smith’s 85-inch Biceps).

For basketball, not only are they top 10 defensively, but they have 5-6 guys that could lead the team in scoring offensively. If they could get consistent with their offense, they will most definitely be challenging Kansas for the conference title this year. The inconsistencies they’ve had offensively worry me a little, though.

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