Daily Bullets (Dec. 9): OSU Nearly Equals Texas A&M in PPD, What Would You Tell Chuba?

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Happy birthday to Sister Bullets – she’s a much better person than I am, having a great marriage and wonderful kiddos with a Sooner fan. Fighting the good fight. Bullets Rundown • OSU > Texas A&M via PPD • Chuba draft thoughts • Tough to beat a 90 percent team Scores • MBB: Wichita State 80, Pokes 61 OSU Bullets • Here’s something crazy about the matchup with Texas A&M – OSU and A&M finished right next to each other in the “points per drive” metrics. Overall Rank -> followed by net points per drive, offensive points per drive and defensive points per drive 47) Oklahoma State 0.36 2.50 (#46) 2.14 (#57) 48) Texas A&M 0.31 2.27 (#67) 1.96 (#40) [BCFToys.com] Oklahoma State is more prolific offensively – averaging 2.5 points per drive compared to 2.27, while Texas A&M’s defense is allowing less with 1.96 points per drive compared to 2.14. • Let’s pretend that we’re Chuba Hubbard’s family members and weigh in on what’s best for Hubbard concerning the NFL draft. Here’s what we last saw: On several occasions, Hubbard was tripped up from behind and fell to the turf instead of breaking…

Sam Pittman, seriously?! Arkansas continues to be run by some people who don’t seem to care about their program or something, hah hah. I hope Pittman’s a spread guy or at least something different from what UGA runs. Cause Arkansas isn’t going to be getting anywhere near UGA’s talent unless they start winning in a major way.

I’ll tell Chuba, if he is indeed done with college football and personally for him I hope he is, to $it! No reason to potentially lose millions. You’ve done enough, young man, thanks for all the hard work and contributions to the program. Wishing you all the best in all of your future endeavors.

Happy Birthday, Sis! Yeah, you’re better than all of us who aren’t married or dating a Land $quatter, hah hah.

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Getting Georgia’s best recruiter is one way to hopefully goose your recruiting. Who he hires as OC will tell a whole lot though.

Hopefully they get it figured out.

Chuba should go pro. RB’s success/time in the NFL is finite and why waste another year going 8-4. he’s shown enough. he needs to move on and rep OSU at the NFL. He’s far more valuable to the school as a successful NFL player than getting us to the Camping World Bowl in 2020.

Can’t wrap my head around Gundy’s comments and RB fatigue. Is this a deflection or a reality? Are Chuba numbers reflective of the increase in competition or fatigue of overuse during a season. What worked earlier in the year doesn’t work against better competition or Chuba doesn’t have the energy to make those moves at the end season. This same scenario played out last year when Hill took the end of the year off. I sure hope oSu will build enough depth at RB to use more backs during the season moving forward. oSu needs to get back to developing multiple backs during a season. If I were head coach I would be looking to upgrade my RB coach as well. 4/9 RB on roster are walk ons and 4/8 if Jeter leaves. Depth next year: Chuba (ideal but not realistic), LD, Glass, Jackson, +4 current walk ons. If Chuba leaves LD is the only guy with experience. Gonna be hard to pound the rock with this depth and the steep learning curve that comes in the first fifteen games. Gundy has made freshman 15 into a whole new thing.