Daily Bullets (Feb. 10): 2007, 2008 Recruiting Classes Were Stacked, An Awesome Pete Pic

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Happy Monday, #letswork. Bullets Rundown • 2007, 2008 recruiting classes were stacked • Chuba found a top-shelf receiving coach (in Stillwater) • Corndog’s team kicked off the XFL season Scores • WG: First at the Puerto Rico Classic • SB: Cowgirls 6, Florida A&M 2 • MT: Cowboys 4, Northwestern 0 OSU Bullets • Boy, 2007 and 2008 were bedrock recruiting classes for Mike Gundy’s prime teams. The 2007 class proved to be a foundation for the 2011 Big 12 Championship season with the likes of four-star defensive end Richetti Jones. Another four-star that was gone before that 2011 season was Dez Bryant. William Cole was a four-star miss. Three-star standouts included running back Kendall Hunter, center Grant Garner, receiver Josh Cooper, defensive end Jamie Blatnick, and offensive linemen Jonathan Rush and Nick Martinez. The unranked recruit was transfer kicker Dan Bailey, who left Arkansas when they didn’t scholarship him. Justin Blackmon was a two-time Biletnikoff Award winner as the top receiver in the nation.Pat Kinnison – Pokes Report chief photographer Justin Blackmon was part of the 2008 class as a three-star along with safety Johnny Thomas, offensive guard Lane Taylor, corner Broderick Brown, kicker Quinn Sharp and two-star receiver…

As far as QBs going pro we might be know as backup U.

My mind is not able to process that Dez and Blackmon were in back to back classes. I would have bet every dollar I ever make that there were at least 3 years between the two.

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Hah for reals! Don’t know how many times I’ve been terrified to wake up kiddos with an action movie preview