Daily Bullets (Feb. 11): Cowboys Keep Winning

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Oklahoma State basketball has not been the same since we got greedy and expanded GIA. The small atmosphere made us the loudest in the country and we decided we wanted money over a home field advantage. Now we get less fans than the old arena would sell out.

I would say that Oklahoma State’s basketball hasn’t been the same since Eddie left. Even with an expanded GIA, I went to many weekday games that were packed and as loud as a jet engine when Sutton was roaming the sidelines.
Since Eddie stepped down as head coach:

  1. Subsequent HC’s have allowed the program to lapse into mediocrity.
  2. Football has risen to become the main driver in OSU’s sports.
  3. The OKC Thunder has siphoned off attendees.
  4. Men’s college basketball has changed where players don’t stay nearly as long as they did before, which effects fan engagement.