Daily Bullets (Feb.12): Gundy Getting to the Local Max, Hunziker's Top Five

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Favorite joke from the Cowboys’ win in Manhattan last night: “He’s not my Anei – he’s Yor Anei” Bullets Rundown • Gundy: not spectacular but finding OSU’s max • Yurcich raves about Gundy • Hunziker’s top five (zero wing points allowed) Scores • MBB: Cowboys 64, K-State 59 • WBB: Cowgirls 73, OU 69 • WGolf: Finished 4th in Puerto Rico OSU Bullets • In a (wonderful) piece not related to OSU, I found a line that directly correlates with the experience of being a fan of Cowboy Football. “There are a few teams in this league that have the opportunity to get the top players,” (Indiana Pacers GM Kevin) Pritchard says. “Those players dictate a lot about winning. So what we have to be about is: Can we figure out a way to hit whatever peak we have?” [The Ringer] The experience of the NBA’s Indiana Pacers isn’t far from the Big 12’s OSU Cowboys – LeBron James isn’t coming to Indiana and Dax Hill (and a host of his five-star peers) isn’t coming to OSU. Stop, end of sentence. So how do you find your local maximum? I’ll hear and validate claims for incremental improvement. If we compete…

“Gundy’s found the highest place OSU can be (for now).” A few of you seem to think he could win the conference next year. We all know what what I think but if he doesn’t win in 2020 then what? Wait another 9 years? As bad as basketball is, I still believe we’ll win the conference in basketball before Gundy wins (if he ever does) a second title.

I don’t know why we accept aiming for mediocrity.

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