Daily Bullets (Feb. 22): Most Viewed of the Week, 3-2-1, Gundy Needs to Recruit in SEC Country

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Mike Boynton landed the first human I’ve ever heard of with a compound first name. Beat the Sooners. Bullets Rundown • Immediately eligible transfers coming (too?) soon • Gundy needs to go SEC (to recruit) • Boynton landing multi-year players with Cade Scores • MT: Cowboys 4, Michigan 0 • SB: Ole Miss 8, Cowgirls 5 and Cowgirls 1, Louisiana 0 • BB: Cowboys 17, UT RGV 2 Three Ideas • This is sort of wild – could the one-free pass to transfer and become immediately eligible rule be in place soon? I think this new transfer policy will be in place before mid-summer and will be used as soon as August and the first time a football player feels he has lost the grip on his starting position. [Pokes Report] That sounds fast. Here’s an idea: let’s bureaucracy this thing for another year and make sure all of the kinks are worked out. • I agree with the premise of this article published yesterday on PFB – you’d rather have one Tylan Wallace than six Dillon Stoners. There’s some opportunity out there in a place you wouldn’t expect to fill the gaps. Paul notes that the biggest schools in the…

The portal with immediate transfer combined with compensation beyond cost of attendance will kill college sports as we know them. The most important room in the west end zone a few years from now will be where a representative of OSU’s undersized marketing and endorsement staff describes the potential “name, image and likeness” deals available in the community. Does anyone believe small-market, financially-challenged schools will be able compete in this environment? Texas and ou will throw a few million dollars at endorsement teams soliciting and aggregating compensation for their players. Just a few minutes of common-sense thinking reveals a Pandora’s box headed to a college near you.

Blue Chip Ratio-
Even with our lowly 5% , I’ll take our chances to beat all but 0u in Big12, all but top 4 in SEC, and all but tOSU in BIG

First of all Gundy has never beaten everyone but OU in a season and he avoids playing sec and big 10 teams like the plague.

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Signing blue chips does not make me happy. Winning 10+ makes me happy. Signing blue chips undoubtedly helps with that (and more). But I far more enjoy a winning Saturday in the fall than a signing day in the spring.

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Even when 3 of those “Ws” are against the safe, “Little Sisters of the Poor” crowd? Those are only little w’s.

Show me someone else’s schedule that has 3 top tier non conference opponents, including both home and away games.

Name another top 15 paid coach that plays a fcs team every year.

Nick Saban (https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sec-football/sec-vs-fcs-past-decade/)

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Dabo Swinney

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Urban Meyer (2009 Florida example)

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I’ve got to admit I missed Clemson.

All of the SEC and ACC coaches in the top 15. So roughly half of the coaches in the top 15. OU appears to be playing one next season.

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This will make the 3rd in 15 years.

I guess it all depends how you define, “Top Tier”. Western Illinois Leathernecks?? 1-7 Conference and 1-11 overall-that’s, "Top Tier’? Even Tulsa has a stronger Strength of Schedule than does OkState. TU SOS = 15th/130 vs OSU = 29/130.

I am not claiming our non-con is all top tier. Just saying P5 teams never schedule 3 big name, “top tier” P5 opponents. If someone can come up with an example, I will quickly concede that point.


Last season the vast majority of teams who didn’t play an FCS team in 2019 didn’t because they were subject to a rule about it. https://saturdaytradition.com/big-ten-football/no-cupcakes-only-16-power-five-schools-wont-play-an-fcs-opponent-in-2019/

To the extent you view this is a problem, it’s flat out bizarre to act like it’s an OSU only problem.

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